Alcoholic beverages


Alcoholic beverages

The production, maturation and storage of alcoholic beverages is a very specific field with its own set of issues and complexities. Many aspects of this industry are not specifically addressed by codes and standards, giving it a unique character. Shellex’s engineers have acquired experience and skills in this market that are also unique, making them able to expertly manage all possible scenarios in a given project.

Alcoholic beverages also represent one of the world’s most competitive markets, and fluctuations in that market have direct and immediate repercussions on production-related activities. This makes a project’s financial considerations all the more crucial and omnipresent.

Shellex’s understanding of the myriad aspects and concerns of this market and its experience in this field have given the firm an expertise that is unique in Canada.

  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Design of new processes
  • Equipment selection and design
  • Equipment replacement
  • Optimization and design of tank farms
  • Control of releases to the environment
  • Plant design
  • Maturation storage

Typical clients:

  • Diageo Global Supply
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