Award of Excellence Cecobois – Innovative project

Shellex Groupe Conseil inc. participated, from 2011 to 2013, in an innovative project for AGF Group inc., which was also awarded by Cecobois, in 2013, the Award of Excellence in the Commercial Project of more than 1 000 m2 category.

This project aimed to expand and modernize the head office of the company specialized in the production and supply of steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete structures, located in Longueuil on the south shore of Montreal.

The peculiarity of this project was the will, by AGF, to use panels of apparent cross-laminated timber as the horizontal and vertical structural elements of the new building.

This product, still little known in Quebec, but gaining in popularity in Western Canada and Europe, offers very interesting aesthetic possibilities while having impressive structural characteristics but also involves significant constraints in electromechanical installations.

Indeed, the challenge for Shellex Groupe Conseil inc. design team was to successfully conceal most of the electromechanical installations to meet the refined vision of the project’s architect, Daoust Lestage inc. To do this, the electrical conduits and wiring had to be incorporated in the concrete slabs of the various floors, with the panels of cross-laminated timber used as the formwork. Close coordination of the design with the architect has enabled us to meet this challenge successfully.

The result is spectacular, as you can see by visiting Cecobois’ website

Benoit PrimeauAward of Excellence Cecobois – Innovative project